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Pinky Paradise Halloween Review

O hai there! This time in english too~!

Pinky Paradise is hosting a real BIG promotion for all of you guys! Thanks to them you can buy with 50% discount till 7th of OCTOBER by using a code:


With this code you can save 50%~! But remember it is only for normal lenses. You CAN'T buy cheeper: sclera or toric lenses or beauty products. ONLY LENSES.

Okey So now let's get see what I've got!
The package came quickly no delays. Lenses were properly packed so they were save while traveling by air mail. Pinky Paradise  gave my small gift, some weird for me thing to attach your hair while doing make-up and putting you'r lenses on. Did not use that. Still a bit scared of that.

Lenses I ordered were: Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh 

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal
What inside: One pair of lenses and one Macaron lens case

As you can see I did not get macaron lens case but cute and lovely bear case in blue! It is so cute and lovely. I really like those lens cases couse they do not get used i mean the bear will still have eyes and nose even when you rub them couse thy're not painted.

Okey! Now you know what I've got. Time to tell you something about those lenses right? 
First of all you can get them with prescription from 0.00 till even -10.00 I think it is good idea cause I had reall similar lenses once but plain and even though i have real low prescription I prefer those from Pinky Paradise  cause even though you can't see much in them it is always better to SEE anything that blurriness everywhere. I mean it depends if you look in some reall light area you can't see much but in normal light you see i think kinda much but a little blurry like you have some balm on it. 

You can walk with them, even go out I think. (but always have lens case and glasses if you have prescription with you. It would be safer really.) BUT NEVER DRIVE WITH THEM! Remember it is not safe at all! Never never never!

They're kinda comfortable I do not fell them a lot but cause of that little mesh your eye get tired quicker than in other lenses so do not wear them for  long time and as I said ealier always have lens case with you. 

I think I told ya everything I wanted so time for photos right? I hope you like it! Im still learning how to use my new camera so they are not perrfect but still better than photos made by phone haha!

Two diffrent looks.

Which one you prefer?

  I hope you liked my review and now you know if  Princess Pinky Cosplay White Mesh  are lenses for you! I hope they are couse gawd they are aweeesome!


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    1. bardziej pracownicy Pinky Paradise nie mówią po polsku i ich wymogiem są recenzje po ang ;3

  2. Genialne *w*. Chyba się na nie skuszę.