wtorek, 7 lipca 2015

uniqso Kimchi Prince Black sponsored review

Lenses from Uniqso (forgot to tag ya)
lenses are Kimchi Prince Black (http://www.uniqso.com/kimchi-prince-black?search=Kimchi+Prince+Black)

comfort: 5/5
enlarging: 5/5
coverage: 3/5 (on light eyes they are just making black ring around iris. Only looking like black when your pupil is large enough. On dark eyes I think it is gonna be 5/5)
price: 4/5

Would I buy them again? YES! They are my favorite lenses right now. They make me look like a doll and I can wear them only with my mascara on and still look good! Not like an alien Emotikon smile

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  1. Powodzenia w nauce :3
    Strasznie podoba mi się ta bluza <3